Gender, women and health

Millennium Development Goal 3: Gender equality

Promote gender equality and empower women

2015 is the target date for achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) aimed at reducing extreme poverty, advancing gender equality and health equity, improving maternal and child health, fighting diseases and developing a global partnership for development.

The MDGs have been good for public health, a powerful force in the fight to reduce poverty and inequity. The Department of Gender, Women and Health, in collaboration with a range of other WHO departments, in particular addresses MDG3 which is the goal of promoting gender equality and empowering women.

Gender-based discrimination limits the attainment of the MDGs

Differences in the status of women and men lead to disparate opportunities to claim, benefit from and enjoy human rights, including the right to health. This leads to health inequalities in all countries and poses a major impediment to sustainable development goals, including the Millennium Development Goals.

Supporting national efforts to achieve the MDGs is core business for WHO

Here are the facts and what the World Health Organization is doing to achieve the Millennium Development Goals:


Gender, Equity and Human Rights