Gender, women and health

Monitoring the application of gender and health skills

Monitoring the application of gender and health skills is an important component of a sustainable capacity building strategy. Monitoring activities should address both individual and institutional factors that affect the transfer of skills to practice. Examples of individual factors can include changes in attitudes, recall of core concepts and tool application while institutional factors can include infrastructure or budget available to support gender analysis and planning activities in staff and departmental work plans.

GWH commissioned a scoping report on evaluating gender training. The report reveals that, to date, monitoring and evaluation activities of gender learning has been limited to evaluating the quality of workshops with less emphasis on the application of developed or strengthened gender analysis skills. The scoping report also outlines key areas to consider when selecting or developing a monitoring and evaluation framework for capacity building activities.

A framework and measurement areas has been developed to monitor the implementation of the WHO gender mainstreaming manual. For more information, please contact .