Gender, women and health

Addressing violence against women and HIV testing and counseling: A meeting report


WHO Department of Gender, Women and Health, WHO Department of HIV/AIDS

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Number of pages: 42
Languages: English
Publication date: January 2006
ISBN: 92 4 159459 4



There is increasing recognition that the HIV epidemic intersects in different ways with the epidemic of violence against women and girls. For example, in studies among women in sub-Saharan Africa, fear of partner’s negative reaction, including abandonment, violence, rejection, loss of economic support and accusations of infidelity were the most commonly reported barriers to HIV testing and disclosure of HIV status. This document summarizes discussions held at a 2006 meeting organized by the department of Gender, Women and Health of the World Health Organization, in collaboration with the Department of HIV/AIDS. It points out operational research gaps and proposes four key recommendations take into account and address intimate partner violence and other concerns related to women in HIV testing and counseling programmes.