Gender, women and health

Gender, equity and human rights at the core of the health response

As part of the current reform process, the World Health Organization has launched a new approach to promote and facilitate the institutional mainstreaming of gender, equity and human rights, building upon the progress that has already been made on these areas at all three levels of the Organization. In the words of the Director-General Dr Margaret Chan, the goal is “to achieve a WHO in which each staff member has the core value of gender, equity and human right in his/her DNA.”

The coherent approach to mainstream all three areas will be reflected in the way WHO works and what it delivers – through technical cooperation, policy advice and dialogue, setting norms and standards, knowledge generation and sharing, convening stakeholders, and other enabling functions.

Particular efforts are geared towards enhancing WHO Country Office capacity to support countries in incorporating gender, equity and human rights within their national strategic health plans, other policies and activities on the ground, and monitoring efforts.

The mainstreaming process is carried out jointly by all the clusters in WHO Headquarters, Regional and Country Offices, and will be rolled out in a spirit of joint accountability. To facilitate this, a new Gender, Equity and Human Rights (GER) team has been created, bringing together previous teams on gender, equity and human rights.

Please note that this website is currently being restructured to reflect these changes. The links related to work of the previous teams remain live as an archive of past achievements.