Gender, women and health

2009 Highlights

Gender, Women and Health Network

The mission of the Department of Gender, Women and Health (GWH) at the World Health Organization (WHO) is to provide leadership to advance the field of gender, women and health. The principles of gender equality and health equity guide its work.

A great asset for WHO's impact on the ground thereby is the Gender, Women and Health Network (GWHN). It is composed of GWH and gender focal points and/or units located at Headquarters and in WHO's six regional and more than 60 country offices.

The technically diverse and highly committed Network brings a skill mix that includes research, programme and policy development and implementation, capacity building, health service delivery, monitoring and evaluation, statistics, communication and advocacy as well as expertise in gender mainstreaming in health, gender equality and women's health, sexual and reproductive health, HIV and adolescent health.

Every region and country faces different challenges and has a different approach to eliminating gender-based health inequities, adding to the effectiveness of the Network. An appetizer of its work in 2009 follows, structured by the GWH department's three strategic objectives.

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