More about ASFM and their partners in history

WHO Global Health Histories (GHH)

This WHO initiative was established in 2004 inspired by a belief that understanding the history of health in the last sixty years would help the Organization to respond to the challenges of today. Learning from history is vital in helping shape a healthier future for everyone, especially those most in need. Sharing health knowledge inspired by history enriches global public health and benefits society at large.

WHO Archives

AFSM works closely with the archivists at WHO. Former staff are encouraged to deposit collections of papers, photos, film and other memorabilia with these guardians of the institutional memory of WHO. A tour of the Archives can be arranged—it is a fascinating experience.

WHO Library

The print archives of WHO are held in the WHO Library. The Historical Collection holds publications and documents dealing with the early years of WHO. Many publications and documents are accessible in full text through WHOLIS the Library database.