Food safety

Enhancing INFOSAN in Asia and Implementation of Regional Food Safety Strategies, 27-30 November 2012

The first global meeting of INFOSAN, in 2010, agreed to the development of regionally-based strategies for enhancing participation in INFOSAN. Such regional-based strategies will address common issues faced by INFOSAN members within a region with the goal of strengthening the network globally.

Countries in Asia acted on this recommendation and met in November 2012 to develop and agree on a Strategy to enhance INFOSAN in Asia.

During this meeting countries also strengthened INFOSAN by facilitating active participation in this network by the countries present through the development of in-country notification systems and risk analysis capacities for emergency situations. The meeting also discussed the implementation of regional food safety strategies, including the Western Pacific Food Safety Strategy 2011–2015, identified priorities and assessed countries’ status against the defined indicators.