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FOSCOLLAB Dashboards and Sources


The below dashboards are currently available in the FOSCOLLAB platform. There is no need to install any special software to access the dashbords; they will run directly from your web browser.

  • Quick start guide
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    This General Quick Start Guide will briefly familiarize users with the common interactive functions across all dashboards.

Chemical Overview Dashboard

The Chemical Overview Dashboard integrates summary elements from three separate sources: JECFA Evaluations Database, GEMS/Food Contaminants database and the WHO Collaborating Centres Database. Note: 1. Hazards evaluated by the JECFA from 1995 onwards are selectable. 2. A blank chart indicates no data available in the GEMS/Food contaminants database. For more details, please visit the source databases themselves by following the links at the bottom of the dashboard.

GEMS/Food Contaminants Database Dashboard

The GEMS/Food Contaminants Database Dashboard enables users select a particular contaminant and view the average levels of detection by commodity, the total number of samples and the percentage of commodities that make up the total. User may also filter the results by food name, food origin and WHO Region. Note: Data displayed on this dashboard are mean-lower bound for individual results.

GEMS/ Food Cluster diets - 2012 Dashboard

The GEMS/ Food Cluster diets - 2012 Dashboard displays a map of countries as well as consumption data for all 17 GEMS/Cluster diets. Users can select a cluster to view both the countries comprising the cluster as well as the grams/person/day consumption data for the selected cluster.

Sources enabled in FOSCOLLAB

The current dashboards integrate elements from the following sources:

Elements from the sources indicated below are able to be integrated on the database level and are planned to be included in future development:

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