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Five Keys to safer aquaculture products to protect public health

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With these new materials, WHO continues to promote safe food handling practices along the food chain - from farm to table. Developed in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the “ Five Keys to safer aquaculture products to protect public health” will support those who usually do not have access to formal education in food safety, such as women in rural areas, while they are playing an important role in producing food for their community.

Launch of the "WHO estimates of the global burden of foodborne diseases"

WHO has launched the most comprehensive report to date estimating the global burden of foodborne diseases. This helps address the lack of data on one of the leading causes of preventable illness and death worldwide. The report includes estimates of the burden of foodborne diseases caused by 31 bacteria, viruses, parasites, toxins and chemicals. The estimates are based on the best available data at the time of reporting, and identified data gaps were filled using imputation, assumptions and other methods.

World Health Day 2015: Food Safety

Every year, World Health Organization selects a priority area of global public health concern as the theme for World Health Day, which falls on 7 April, the birthday of the Organization. World Health Day 2015 on Food Safety is an opportunity to alert governments, manufacturers, retailers and the public to the importance of food safety - and the part each can play in ensuring that the food on people' plates is safe to eat.

All people need food, each and every day

Unsafe food causes many diseases, ranging from diarrhoeal diseases to various forms of cancer. A safe food supply supports economy, trade and tourism, contributes to food and nutrition security, and stimulates sustainable development.

WHO works to make food safe and nutritious all over the world.


Call for data and experts

New call for data: GEMS, JECFA, JEMRA, JMPR
New call for experts: JECFA Roster

WHO fact sheets on food safety