Food safety


FOS, in collaboration with several other organizations, is currently developing two training manuals:

1. Draft Training Manual on Risk Analysis (ICD/ILSI/FAO/WHO)

The primary purpose of this manual is to build the analytical capacity for nations to improve food safety and to facilitate international trade through the practical application of risk analysis. The primary audiences for this manual are food safety regulators around the world.

2. Draft Training Manual on Risk Assessment (ICD/FAO/WHO)

This is an “awareness” training materials for risk managers, covers enough Risk Assessment, Risk Management and Risk Communication to set context (especially how MRA fits in with RM). It emphasizes microbiological risk assessment (80%), explains what MRA can help do and what we could not do before, and gives a clear view on the relationship between MRA output and implementation of Risk Management Options.

FOS is also helping develop Healthy Marketplaces training material, which will be available on CD-ROM.