Webinars on Parties’ reports in the 2014 reporting cycle

The Convention Secretariat is holding a series of webinars on reporting under the Convention in the 2014 reporting cycle.

Period: from 3 December 2013 to mid-February 2014 (see the schedule below).

Objective: to provide an overview on how Parties should comply with their reporting obligations in the 2014 reporting period (1 January – 15 April 2014) and to introduce reporting tools available to the Parties.

The webinars, organized on different days, will have the same content, so participants may choose the date that best suits them (see schedule below). The webinars will be held in English or French (as per schedule), via the Internet and using a system that does not require installation of any software. During the webinar, the Convention Secretariat will give a presentation, which participants will see on their computer screen and be able to listen to if they have speakers or headphones connected. The presentation will be followed by an interactive question and answer session.

The presentation is available for download and review in English, French and Spanish from the links below.

Target audience: Parties’ representatives responsible for reporting.

Invitations to the webinars will be sent to the WHO FCTC focal points prior to the meetings. It would be appreciated if the focal points could inform the Convention Secretariat of their participation, not later than 24 hours before the webinar.

Technical requirements for participants

In order to participate in the webinars, participants will need: - a computer with an internet connection; - a meeting invitation (these will be sent by the Convention Secretariat before the meetings); - a headset with a microphone (preferably with a USB connection). There is no obligation to speak during the webinars. It is possible to listen only using speakers that are integrated into or attached to a computer or to follow the presentation on screen. However, participants can also ask for clarifications and exchange views during the webinar, as necessary.

It is not necessary to install any software. However, it would be advisable to consult a colleague with information technology expertise prior to the webinar in case there are any problems.

For any questions, please contact the Convention Secretariat at: copreporting@who.int.


Session identifier Date Language** Local time in Geneva (Switzerland)
E1REP 3 December 2013 (Tuesday) English 11.00-12.00
E2REP 5 December 2013 (Thursday) English 15.00-16.00
F1REP 6 decembre 2013 (vendredi) Français 11.00-12.00
F2REP 10 decembre 2013 (jeudi) Français 15.00-16.00
E3REP 12 December 2013 (Thursday) English 17.30-18.30
E4REP 17 December 2013 (Tuesday) English 9.30-10.30
E5REP 14 January 2014 (Tuesday) English 15.00-16.00
F3REP 16 janvier 2014 (jeudi) Français 11.00-12.00
E6REP 5 February 2014 (Wednesday) English 01.00-02.00
E7REP 7 February 2014 (Friday) English 16.00-17.00
F4REP 10 fevrier 2014 Français 14.00-15.00
E8REP 12 February 2014 (Wednesday) English 11.00-12.00

* Parties which do not find a suitable date and time in the table above should contact the Secretariat (copreporting@who.int) for individual arrangements.

** Webinars can also be arranged in Spanish, upon request.