Questions and Answers

Question: What are the reporting requirements under the Convention?

Answer: Article 21.1 of the Convention requires all Parties to submit to the Conference of the Parties (COP), through the Convention Secretariat, periodic reports on their implementation of the Convention.

Q: How often should implementation reports be submitted?

A: At the fourth session of the COP, Parties decided that implementation reports should be submitted at regular, two-year intervals, synchronized with the cycle of the regular sessions of the COP.

Q: When is the next implementation report due for submission to the COP?

A: The next reporting cycle was announced in May 2017. Parties are expected to submit their next implementation reports between 1 January and 31 March 2018.

Q: Where can the reporting instrument be accessed?

A: To complete the online core questionnaire (including the online additional questions [optional module]) Parties should refer to the link sent by e-mail to the FCTC technical focal point. For Parties’ information (not completion, just information), the PDF version of the core questionnaire is available here.

Q: Should the implementation report be signed, and if so by whom?

A:The designated government official responsible for submitting the implementation report should sign a cover letter. This should then be emailed to the Convention Secretariat at simply stating that the report has been submitted through the online questionnaire.

Q: In which language should the report be submitted?

A: The report should be submitted in one of the six official languages of the COP: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian or Spanish.

Q: If a country becomes a Party to the Convention close to the next reporting period, when is its first implementation report due?

A: For such a Party, the minimum period between entry into force of the Convention and submission of its first report is one year.

Q: Are there specific instructions on what is expected from Parties with regard to each question in the reporting instrument?

A: Yes. The step-by-step instructions for the completion of the reporting instrument are available on the WHO FCTC web site :here. This document, available in all six official languages of the COP, has proved to be very useful to Parties in responding to questions.

Q: Can a national focal point receive individual advice/assistance in completing the questionnaire from the Convention Secretariat, and if so whom should they contact?

A: Yes. In such cases, please send a message containing a brief description of the required assistance to, and the Secretariat will strive to assist. The Secretariat will deal with such messages on a priority basis.

Q:Are the implementation reports of Parties available in the public domain, and if so where?

A: All implementation reports and the annexes to those reports are available on the WHO FCTC website, on country pages dedicated to each Party that has submitted at least one implementation report. They can be found at: here.

Q:Is there a way to access implementation data to find information submitted by Parties on a specific treaty article or measure?

A: The WHO FCTC Implementation Database contains all data reported by Parties and is searchable by Party or by specific treaty articles. The treaty articles are further searchable by individual measures. The database can be accessed here.

Q: What should be done if a Party has not received an email with the link to the online reporting instrument?

A:Links to the online reporting instrument are sent to the Parties using the email address most recently provided to the Convention Secretariat. If the individual responsible for the completion of the reporting instrument has changed since the last reporting cycle, please contact the WHO Convention Secretariat at

Q: What happens if a Party submits a report after the reporting period?

A: Parties that have not submitted their implementation reports during the reporting period are still able to do so. However, their reports will not be included in the analysis that the Secretariat will submit to the seventh session of the Conference of the Parties.

Q: If a Party has submitted tobacco-related research to another WHO-affiliated organization, do we still need to complete the WHO FCTC online reporting instrument?

If a Party has conducted tobacco research with other WHO-related organizations, the Party is still required to submit an implementation report to the WHO FCTC Convention Secretariat. Conduction of tobacco-related research by any Party does not diminish the Parties’ obligation to biennially complete and submit a report on tobacco control and tobacco use in their jurisdiction to the Convention Secretariat (as mandated under Article 21 of the Convention).