The Protocol was open for signature from 10 January 2013 until 9 January 2014. When it was closed for signature, the Protocol had been signed by 53 States and the European Union.

The Protocol is open for ratification, acceptance, approval or accession by States and to formal confirmation or accession by regional economic integration organizations that are Party to the WHO FCTC (Article 44). The Protocol will enter into force on the 90th day following the date of deposit of the 40th instrument with the Depositary (Article 45).

For the status of the Protocol (signature and ratification), please see:

Contact to UN Treaty Section: Parties to the WHO FCTC that wish to ratify, accept, approve, formally confirm or accede to the Protocol are invited to contact the Treaty Section of the United Nations Secretariat in New York (facsimile: +1-212-963-3693).

Useful documents

- Model instruments of ratification/acceptance/approval and accession are available for download:

- Becoming a Party to the Protocol Overview of key terms and procedures related to ratification and entry into force (the document will be added soon).

- Steps required at national level for ratification Checklist for steps to be taken at the national level in order to become a Party to the Protocol (the document will be added soon).

CONTACT Please contact the Secretariat at: protocolfctc@who.int.

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