Activities to promote the entry into force of the Protocol

The WHO FCTC Secretariat is also the Secretariat of the Protocol (Article 34 of the Protocol). The Protocol-related activities are carried out as mandated by the Conference of the Parties (decisions FCTC/COP5(16) and COP6(6).

Multisectoral, subregional workshops

The workshops bring together government officials from different sectors relevant for Protocol implementation, including health, customs, justice, finance and trade, with experts on Protocol matters, representatives of intergovernmental organizations, including the World Customs Organization, the World Bank and WHO, and members of civil society. They are organised in close collaboration with WHO Regional and Country Offices.

Other assistance to Parties

•   Panel of experts on the Protocol

The Secretariat established a panel of experts that supports it in providing technical and legal advice to Parties, including on customs, tax administration and enforcement matters.

•   WHO FCTC Knowledge Hub on Articles 6 and 15 of the Convention

A WHO FCTC Knowledge Hub was established in matters related to taxation and illicit trade in tobacco products. The hub is based at the University of Cape Town (South Africa) and provides advice to the Convention Secretariat and the Parties in areas of its expertise. Specific requests for assistance from the Knowledge Hub should be addressed to the Convention Secretariat at

•   Technical and other assistance

Parties, through their focal points, may address specific requests for assistance to the Secretariat at Secretariat will respond to the requests received within available financial resources.

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