Working group on sustainable measures to strengthen implementation of the WHO FCTC

The group was established by COP5 and has been requested to report back to COP6.

The first meeting of the working group was held on 29–31 October 2013 in Geneva at WHO Headquarters. It was attended by 26 Parties, two States non-Parties, four intergovernmental organizations and five nongovernmental organizations accredited as observers to the Conference of the Parties. Representatives of WHO (Headquarters and regional offices) also attended the meeting.

Participants reviewed the existing mechanisms of assistance and among other topics considered their efficiency. The group further discussed issues of resource mobilization for sustainable implementation of the Convention, including barriers and successful experiences, as well as examples of national multisectoral coordination mechanisms in place in various countries. The group discussed aspects of international cooperation and its importance for sustainable implementation of the Convention, including South-South and triangular cooperation. Finally, the group considered the issue of visibility of WHO FCTC in international forums.

The second meeting of the working group took place on 2–4 April 2014. The report of the group will be prepared in line with decision FCTC/COP5(14).