Intersessional bodies make progress

At its fifth session, the COP mandated five intersessional groups: on Article 6, Articles 9 and 10, Articles 17 and 18, Article 19, and sustainable measures to strengthen implementation of the WHO FCTC. The five intersessional are in the final stages of their work.

Open-ended intersessional drafting group on Article 6 of the WHO FCTC (price and tax measures to reduce the demand for tobacco)

The drafting group met in Geneva on 3-6 June 2013 and agreed on the text for a set of draft guidelines, which was made available to Parties for comments on 16 September 2013 until 8 November 2013. The final text of the draft guidelines and the report of the group will be made available at the latest 60 days before the opening of COP6.

Working group on Articles 9 and 10 of the WHO FCTC (Regulation of the contents of tobacco products and Regulation of tobacco product disclosures)

The working group was mandated by COP5 to continue its work in elaborating guidelines in a step-by-step process. A meeting of the working group was held in Geneva on 28–30 January 2014. The report of the group will be made available for Parties’ comments in April 2014.

Working group on economically sustainable alternative measures to tobacco growing (in relation to Articles 17 and 18 of the WHO FCTC)

COP5 extended the mandate of the working group, and the group met on 18-20 February 2014 to discuss draft policy options and recommendations to be submitted for consideration at COP6 on the basis of a draft prepared by the Key Facilitators of the group before the meeting. The group agreed that the Key Facilitators would prepare a revised draft, on the basis of the discussions during the meeting, which will subsequently be submitted to COP6.

Expert group on Article 19 of the WHO FCTC (Liability)

The group met on 23–25 October 2013, and will hold its second meeting on 10–12 March 2014 to finalize the work mandated by COP5 with a view to preparing its report to COP6.

Working group on sustainable measures to strengthen implementation of the WHO FCTC

The group held its first meeting on 29–31 October 2013 and will meet again on 2–4 April 2014 in Geneva to finalize its work.

The reports of the five groups will be made available to the Parties not later than 60 days before COP6.