Working group on economically sustainable alternatives to tobacco growing (in relation to Articles 17 & 18)

The working group presented progress reports to COP4 and COP5 and was requested to continue its work and submit policy options and recommendations to COP6.

The Government of Brazil, in line with COP decision FCTC/COP5(8), organized an expert meeting in Pelotas, Brazil, on 1–3 October 2013. Ten members of the working group, as well as the Framework Convention Alliance, an accredited observer to the COP, participated in the meeting. The participants agreed that the standardized methodological framework discussed at the expert meeting should be made available to all Parties of the working group for their input and that it should also be discussed at the meeting of the group in 2014 in Geneva. The expert meeting recommended that Parties should consider implementing pilot projects based on that framework and that the working group should resume its work on the development of policy options and recommendations in view of presenting a consensus text to the sixth session of the COP.

The working group met on 18–20 February 2014 at WHO Headquarters in Geneva. The report of the group will be submitted to COP6, in line with decision FCTC/COP5(8).