Bureau of the Conference of the Parties

The Conference of the Parties elects at each regular session its President as well as five Vice-Presidents. These officers, each representing a WHO region, constitute the Bureau of the Conference of the Parties. According to Rule 21 of the Rules of Procedure of the COP, they shall commence their term of office at the closure of the session and shall serve until the closure of the following regular session of the Conference of the Parties, including for any intervening extraordinary session.

The current Bureau of the Conference of the Parties, elected by the Conference at its sixth session on 13-18 October 2014 in Moscow, Russian Federation, consists of:

  • Dr Oleg Salagay (Russian Federation), representing the European Region
  • Ms Dorcas Kiptui (Kenya), representing the African Region
  • Dr Hassan Mohamed (Maldives), representing the South-East Asia Region
  • Dr Reina Roa (Panama), representing the Region of the Americas
  • Mr Marcus Samo (Federated States of Micronesia), representing the Western Pacific Region
  • Dr Jawad Al-Lawati (Oman) , representing the Eastern Mediterranean Region

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