Priorities, activities, accomplishments and plans for the ePORTUGUÊSe Program


The ePORTUGUÊSe aims at:

  • Scaling up education and training of health workers in all Portuguese-speaking countries
  • Promote and implement technical cooperation for continuity and sustainability of the National Virtual Health Libraries (VHL) and training in countries that will allow health workers to share experiences in their own language, on their common health challenges, and create a supportive community for addressing these challenges, through the adoption and use of best practices
  • Strengthen knowledge production and sharing of knowledge in Portuguese
  • Strengthen the discussion group HIFA-pt
  • Encourage distance learning programmes
  • Increase the number of Blue Trunk Library (BTL) delivered
  • Promote training for managers of BTL
  • Use ICT and social media to promote the exchange of local knowledge
  • Collaborate with HINARI training workshops in Portuguese-speaking countries

Aligned with:

  • Kampala Declaration
  • Bamako Declaration on health research
  • Algiers Declaration on research for health in the African Region
  • Knowledge Management and Sharing Department Strategic Plan

Accomplishments in 2011

Inn 2011, the ePORTUGUÊSe has reached a milestone when all eight Portuguese-speaking countries presented their Virtual Health Library (VHL) during the III Coordination meeting for the VHL ePORTUGUÊSe held in Sao Tome & Principe in September 2011. Portugal was the last one to develop their own National VHL built with the same platform developed by the Latin American and Caribbean Center on Health Information Science (BIREME/PAHO/WHO) making the VHL ePORTUGUÊSe a reality for all eight countries.

This was an important achievement and one of the first objectives of the ePORTUGUÊSe Network.

Each country will now be responsible for the expansion and growth of their National VHL and to keep it sustainable for researchers, students, policy makers, managers and all health professionals. Nevertheless, they will continue to receive support from BIREME/PAHO/WHO and the ePORTUGUÊSe Network.

Other accomplishments of 2011:

  • Support the development of a Consultative Committee for the VHL in Guinea Bissau in February 2011, Sao Tome & Principe in March 2011 and Timor Leste in December 2011
  • Purchase of electronic equipment for the use of VHL Cape Verde
  • Delivery of 41 Blue Trunk Libraries: 7 to Angola, 3 to Guinea Bissau, 11 to Mozambique and 20 to Timor Leste
  • Increased members of the discussion Group HIFA-pt from 1045 in December 2010 to 1616 in December 2011
  • Translation of:
    • WHO report on neglected tropical diseases (Working to overcome the global impact on neglected tropical diseases)
    • Assessing tackling patient harm: a methodological guide to data-poor hospitals
    • Preventing intimate partner and sexual violence against women
  • Created and strengthened partnerships with:
    • Global Outbreak Alert Response Network (GOARN)
    • Rede RUTE – Telemedicine University Network from Brazil
    • African Partnership for Patient Safety (APPS) between the Ipswich Hospital in the UK and Beira Hospital in Mozambique
  • Participated at the Health Information for all by 2015 Day Conference in London
  • Participated at the Global eHealth Ambassadors Programme chaired by Archbishop Desmond Tutu in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil
  • Received a prize of recognition at the 5th Brazilian and International Congress of Telemedicine and Telehealth in Manaus/Brazil
  • Continued to create opportunities for Internship in the network – In 2011 the ePORTUGUÊSe received 15 interns

Plans for 2012

  • Continue to work with other WHO Departments to strengthen collaboration with the Portuguese-speaking countries in different areas such as: GOARN, EVIPNet, HINARI, Patient Safety, APPS, Vaccine Safety
  • Deliver the first Online Course on Patient Safety Research in Portuguese
  • Support the Field Epidemiology Course with the collaboration of GOARN, Health Surveillance Secretary/Ministry of Health of Brazil
  • Encourage eLearning programmes in collaboration with Brazilian and Portuguese Universities
  • Strengthen Rede RUTE – University Telemedicine Network from the Ministry of Sciences and Technology from Brazil especially in their elearning programme
  • Strengthen use of social media to disseminate the network activities
  • Support translation of selected materials

Events where ePORTUGUESe is present - 2012

Date Event City
March, 9 60o Anniversary of the School of Medicine of Ribeirao Preto, University of Sao Paulo (USP) Ribeirao Preto, Brazil
April, 19 First International Meeting on the Use of Information Technologies by children and adolescents / young adults: E.S.S.E Digital World (Via teleconference) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
May, 16 World Summit on the Information Society - International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Geneva, Switzerland
May, 21-25 World Health Assembly Geneva, Switzerland
October, 15-19 13th Congress of the Association of Health Information and Libraries in Africa (AHILA) in Cape Verde Praia, Cape Verde
October, 22-24 9o Regional Congress on Health Sciences Information (CRICS 9) - BIREME/PAHO Washington, USA
November, 29 to Dezember, 1 International Symposium of COLUFRAS (Conference of Portuguese and French Speaking countries about health) Praia, Cape Verde