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Xuan Hao (Viet Nam)
Programme and Administrative Officer
Duty station: Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

1. Why did you join WHO?

Serving 8 years for the Government of Viet Nam in the Health Sector (1986-1994), like many other health workers in the world, I had observed and admired the work of the World Health Organization in Viet Nam through its Representative Office in Hanoi. As a result, my dream of joining WHO had grown bigger and bigger not only in my soul but also in my heart.

I applied for a job in the WHO Representative Office for Viet Nam in 1994. Because my direct line supervisor in the Ministry of Health at that time officially announced that she'd apply for the programme assistant position, I decided to apply for the position of secretary to the Representative.

2. In your opinion, what does WHO stand for in the world?

Though I was in charge of WHO at the Department of International Cooperation in the Ministry of Health of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam for only a short time (from April to October 1994), it was enough for me to reconfirm myself of WHO's technical leading roles in health areas through its vast land of cooperation, which was fully respected and followed by the Government of Viet Nam. That same year at the International Conference on Leprosy in Viet Nam, I thoroughly understood the vital role of WHO in every single health issue all over the world.

3. What are you most proud of in your work?

Starting as a secretary to the Representative of a WHO country office, I had been very proud to assist the Representative in mobilizing the technical support to my beloved country in confronting re-emerging and newly emerging diseases. With my vast knowledge about the health system in Viet Nam I was re-assigned to work as a programme assistant for the country office to expedite the implementation of the WHO Cooperation Programme including the Fellowship programme. Here I was able to apply my in-depth qualification and experience in training and education.

Then in January 2005, I became Senior Administrative Assistant to handle the office administration and finance. I am very proud to say that whatever position I was assigned to, I have been working wholeheartedly with the aim that every assignment be accomplished in the most efficient and effective way.

4. What motivates you to continuously contribute to WHO's mission?

Having survived breast cancer in 1997, I have fully understood the meaning of health and life. I think my life would have been too short to be a meaningful one, that’s why as a WHO official I need to do something good everyday for the office and my colleagues, even if it is small. Its meaning will become bigger after a while especially when one can do something good for health and life for us as a whole.

My new assignment in PNG, as a Programme and Administrative Officer is not only an honour but also a great challenge. I have been here for 4 months and find myself already part of the team and look forward to facing new challenges with my teammates.