Profile: Ajay


Ajay (India)
Technical Officer, Communicable Diseases
Duty station: Copenhagen, Denmark

1. Why did you join WHO?

After working for 10 years in different commercial organizations, I was desperately looking for an opportunity to work in a truly multi-cultural and international environment. When I got a short-term opportunity to work with WHO on the polio eradication program in the South East Asia region, I grabbed it immediately. I am glad I made the right career decision. Working with WHO for various public health and disease control programs gave me a high level of job and life fulfilling satisfaction with international experience and the opportunity to learn and grow in a challenging environment.

2. In your opinion, what does WHO stand for in the world?

WHO has been in the forefront of public health initiatives in developing countries. In the last 30 years, I have seen many deaths caused by diseases and conditions which have an effective cure and prevention now. For the general public it is difficult to understand the importance of WHO's contributions but as an insider and as a person responsible for closely monitoring disease patterns, I can vouch for WHO's direct role and contribution in saving many lives from early deaths and crippling diseases.

3. What are you most proud of in your work?

I am proud of my contribution to the development of some of the data management systems and software applications currently being used by many WHO Member States and laboratories for data collection, reporting and evidence-based decision making. I am also proud of my work and contribution to Geographical Information System and disease mapping in two of the six WHO regional offices.

4. What motivates you to continuously contribute to WHO's mission?

I consider my job a rare opportunity to serve the public and humanity. A strong desire to see polio and other vaccine-preventable diseases eradicated forces me to remain a high performer. The working environment and level of dedication of both my supervisor and the other team members also motivates me.