Emergency 4Ws Portal for Zika virus response

The Emergency 4Ws Portal aims to help coordinate the global response by bringing together all partner information in one central location.

Registration for the Emergency 4Ws Portal

The reporting tool helps delineate the Who, What, Where and When (4Ws) of this emergency response. The tool will generate reports based on information provided by partners in real time. This tool can be used by those involved in the Zika emergency response at global, regional and national level. New users are requested to register by email.

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Open data analysis

Analysis of the information collected on the 4Ws is provided in the weekly situation reports produced by WHO. The information is also used to tailor the response to the Zika epidemic, to help address funding gaps, and contribute to updates of the Strategic Response Framework & Joint Operations Plan, which formulates how activities across the globe fit together into a universal strategy. The Strategic Response Plan will be reviewed every 4 to 6 weeks.

The reporting tool makes information on the global response more accessible and transparent. However, the database cannot be made entirely public due to the sensitive nature of some of the information being collected. Those who would like to use the information for other analysis or reporting outside WHO should contact shoc@who.int.

Generating reports

To enter new information about activities supporting the response, please login here. If you do not have a username and password you can register at the same link. There is guidance within the tool on data entry, and all information is validated by WHO to ensure consistency and accuracy. All those involved in the response to Zika are requested to keep their activity information up to date on a continuous basis, in order to ensure the reports are accurate.

Some basic reports, which reflect the up to date information in the database, can be found below. Please be aware that entering data into the database is taken as permission to use this information for reporting purposes. If you have any requests for further information or reports please contact shoc@who.int.

This page links all WHO information to its response on the Public Health Emergency of International Concern.

Zika: Strategic Response Framework

The Strategic Response Framework and Joint Operations Plan to guides the international response to the spread of Zika virus and potential complications.