Zika virus and complications

Dispelling rumours around Zika and complications

18 August 2015 - Zika virus and the complications it can cause have given rise to questions and concerns in affected communities and globally. As we continue to learn more about the disease, rumours can emerge. WHO continues to update the public regularly, with the most current scientific evidence, to ensure that people are well informed on public health issues and to stop rumours from circulating.

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Health advice for travellers to the 2016 summer olympics

5 August 2015 -- The influx of large numbers of people to global events, such as the Olympics, may give rise to specific public health risks. WHO provides planning, operational support, and advice for travellers for public health preparedness to organizers of mass gatherings.

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Baby with microcephaly works on motor-skills.

5 reasons to support WHO’s global response to Zika virus

18 July -- Zika virus and its complications represent a new type of public health threat that requires a unique and integrated strategy. WHO/PAHO and 14 partners need a combined amount of US$122.1 million for the global response plan.


Zika Strategic Response Plan

17 June 2016 - The newly launched "Zika Strategic Response Plan" provides an update on key activities, the funding gap, and the new strategy moving forward to guide the international response to the spread of Zika virus.


Defining the syndrome associated with congenital Zika virus infection

3 June 2016 -- Emerging evidence suggests a broader range of possible complications for babies born to women affected with Zika virus. These could go beyond microcephaly to effects on other brain abnormalities.


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Public health emergency

1 Feb 2016WHO declared the cluster of microcephaly cases and other neurological disorders a health emergency.

First Zika Emergency Committee

Situation report

67 countriesSince 2015, 67 countries and territories reported evidence of vector-borne Zika virus transmission.

Situation report

Global response

60 partnersMore than 60 global and local partners are participating in the Zika virus response.

Strategic Response Plan

Zika virus and complications

Zika virus

Guillain–Barré syndrome


Research and development

Zika: mapping the emerging evidence

WHO has compiled a list of freely-accessible external scientific resources relevant to Zika virus in the interest of promoting research and development

The history of Zika virus

The history of Zika virus timeline and article summarize the spread of Zika infection from the earliest discovery in 1947 to 2016. Zika virus infection appears to have changed in character while expanding its geographical range.

Zika virus quiz

Quiz on Zika virus

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