Drug resistance

WHONET Software


WHONET is a free Windows-based database software developed for the management and analysis of microbiological and clinical data with a special focus on antimicrobial susceptibility test results.

Software Features

  • Data entry of clinical and microbiological information at surveillance sites
  • Exporting of AMR statistics into the format required for the production of local and national reports
  • Analysis of laboratory findings including isolate line listings, antimicrobial susceptibility test statistics, studies of multidrug resistance patterns, and hospital and community outbreak detection
  • Integrated susceptibility test interpretation guidelines for most standardized testing methodologies
  • Modular configuration allowing for the customization of the software for local clinical, research, and epidemiological needs
  • Simple data file structure and output formats compatible with major database, spreadsheet, statistical and word processing software
  • BacLink data conversion utility to facilitate the transfer of data from existing laboratory information systems into WHONET avoiding the need for double data entry
  • WHONET runs on Microsoft Windows and through Windows emulators, can be run successfully on Linux and Mac OS X
  • The software is multilingual and is available in over 20 languages