Dracunculiasis eradication


Status for the period January–August 2016

As of August 2016, two cases have been reported from 2 villages:

Gambella region
  • Gog woreda
    • Olane village
    • PRC-Agnuak village

All the cases were contained. All were male, one children and an adult.

Nine dogs and 2 baboon were infected with guinea worm from seven villages in Abobo, Agnua, and Gog woredas in Gambella region. 5 infected dogs were contained. 2 dogs known to be infected were allegedly got infected from another village.

From January to August 2016, 6393 rumours were reported; 99.95% were investigated within 24 hours.

2-day training on case definitions, prevention, the cash reward system and reporting, Ethiopia 2014

Since 1996, the Ethiopian Dracunculiasis Eradication Programme has offered a cash reward for voluntary reporting of dracunculiasis cases and for complying with the case containment measures. In 2014, the award was increased from Birr 1000 [about US$ 58] to Birr 2000 [about US$ 116]. Please call toll free number 8335 or report to the nearest health facility and get reward of Birr 2000 for confirmed case of guinea-worm disease. .

Summary for 2015

In 2015, a total of 3 cases were reported from three villages (Akweramero Farm, Gop Fishing camp and Pugnido Refugee Camp (PRC) Agnuak) in two woredas in Gambella Region. All 3 cases were adult males; all cases were contained. A total of 8072 rumours were reported and investigated, of which more than 99% (8013) were investigated within 24 hours and 2 were confirmed as dracunculiasis cases.

In 2015, 68 382 communities were under active surveillance from 173 villages.


Last update:

7 October 2016 12:53 CEST