Status for the period January–October 2014

In June 2014, the Ethiopian Dracunculiasis Eradication Programme reported 2 new cases; this follows zero case reporting since the last guinea-worm case was reported in June 2013 from Abobo District, Gambella Region.

The cases in 2014 were residents of Wichini village in Atheti Kebele, Gog District in Gambella Region.

All cases were male and all were contained. Health education was provided and people were instructed not to enter into any water source. There is a need to install a borehole in Wichini village.

2-day training on case definitions, prevention, the cash reward system and reporting, Ethiopia 2014

During January–September 2014, 3127 rumours were reported.

The Ethiopian Dracunculiasis Eradication Programme offers a cash reward of Birr 1000 [about US$ 58] for voluntary reporting of dracunculiasis cases and for complying with the case containment measures. Please report to the nearest health facility.

Summary for 2013

A total of 7 cases from five villages in three woredas in Gambella Region were reported in 2013 from:

  • Abobo Woreda, Gambella Region
    • Batpoulo village (3 cases)
    • Terchiru village (1 case)
    • Umaha village (1 case)
  • Itang Woreda
    • Ojwom village (1 imported case from Abobo)
  • Gog Woreda, Gambella Region
    • PRC Agnuak refugee camp (1 case)

Five of the 7 cases are adult males. Of the 7 cases, 4 were contained. A total of 893 rumours were reported and investigated in 2013 of which more than 99% (891) were investigated within 24 hours and 6 were confirmed as dracunculiasis.

In 2013, 149 villages were under active village-based surveillance.


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17 December 2014 11:55 CET