South Sudan: no new cases of dracunculiasis for five consecutive months

Guinea-worm disease eradication: community awareness campaign, South Sudan, 2015

08 May 2015 | Geneva –– Sustained surveillance and efforts to reach WHO’s target to interrupt transmission of guinea-worm disease by the end of 2015 have produced remarkable results.

South Sudan - the country which reported most of the cases in 2014 has registered zero cases for the past 5 months.

WHO, meanwhile, has donated an additional vehicle and 75 bicycles to boost surveillance activities in South Sudan.

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January–March 2015

3cases compared with 3 cases for the same month in 2014

Monthly report on dracunculiasis cases, January–March 2015

Total number of cases in 2014

126cases reported during 2014, compared with 148 in 2013, a decrease of 15%

Analysis of situation and trends

Endemic countries in 2015

4endemic countries (Chad, Ethiopia, Mali and South Sudan) compared with 20 in 1990


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