Video transcripts

Dr Margaret Chan, Director-General

"When I look at the statistics, there are four countries in 2013 - 2014 up to April, congratulates to South Sudan - you made tremendous progress.

To Chad, bravo. I know your President is personally committed to oversee this.

Mali, wonderful. So far - 4 months-no case.

And Ethiopia, so far in the last 4 months of this year, no case and so far you feel like you are in a running competition. I want to appeal to South Sudan, Chad and Mali - don't give up!”

“I want to celebrate with you, all of you - in 2015, in New York when they promote the next sustainable development goals, we say look at what Africa has done in eradicating guinea-worm.”

“I'm here to celebrate your success. I'm here to congratulate you. I'm also here to motivate you and let's get the job done”.

President Jimmy Carter, Founder, 'The Carter Center'

“I urge the ministers of health of Chad, Ethiopia, Mali, and South Sudan to support your Guinea Worm Eradication Programs by personally visiting an endemic village this year.”

“The international campaign only can succeed with your active support.”

“Eradicating guinea-worm disease will be historic, and the success of the campaign will have a profound impact on the future of global health far beyond this meeting.”

Dr Luís Gomes Sambo, WHO Regional Director, AFR

“But despite progress, we still have challenges.”

“We have four countries that remain endemic – Ethiopia, Chad, Mali and South Sudan. We also have the challenge of ensuring adequate disease surveillance and response, particularly in areas that are affected by insecurity.”

“We also need to sustain high levels of awareness on guinea-worm eradication until we reach global eradication.”

“I think that we should recognize the significant progress made but also the challenges ahead.”

“and appeal to the ministers of health to continue taking up the challenges ahead.”