Disability and rehabilitation

Consultation on International perspectives on spinal cord injury

On 31 October in New Delhi, India, a consultation on the preliminary draft of the International perspectives on spinal cord injury (IPSCI) brought together a diverse group of experts with complementary knowledge and experience to provide valuable information to assist in the report's development. Participants included editors of IPSCI, chapter authors, academics, service providers, policymakers, government officials, NGO representatives, and advocates with spinal cord injuries. The participants' feedback, cultural perspectives on the preliminary draft, and the sources of global information they supplied, will help ensure that the final document is more relevant in diverse contexts. The comments and suggestions from the consultations will be collated and reviewed by the IPSCI Secretariat. Lead authors will then use the input to help guide development of the next draft which will be expected in six months.

For further information, please contact Ms Alana Officer (officera@who.int).