Disability and rehabilitation

WHO co-sponsors 1st CBR World Congress

The 1st CBR World Congress, co-sponsored by WHO, the Governments of Australia and the United States, and two international NGOs: CBM International and Sightsavers, took place in Agra, India from 26-28 November.

This historic event brought together 1300 people from over 86 predominantly low- and middle-income countries.

The theme was using CBR as a means for implementing the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The Convention recognizes explicitly the human rights of persons with disabilities and the need to make international development inclusive of people with disabilities.

The culmination of the 1st CRB World Congress was establishment of the CBR Global Network, which brings together representatives from three existing regional networks from Africa, the Asia Pacific, and the Americas, and which involves 82 countries. People with disabilities and their organizations played a key role in the Congress and establishment of the Global Network.

During the Congress a number of key strategies were discussed drawing on good practice in using CBR to support disability-inclusive development. CBR remains a cornerstone of WHO’s work to enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities and their families.

The 2nd CBR World Congress, to be organized by the new CBG Global Network, will take place in Malaysia in 2016.