Disability and rehabilitation

Regional consultation hosted in Congo on development of WHO plan on disability

From 17-18 October, the WHO Africa Regional Consultative Meeting on the Development of the WHO action plan 2014 - 2021: better health for persons with disabilities was held in Brazzaville, Congo.

The consultation was attended by representatives from 13 African countries, many with responsibilities for disability and the provision of rehabilitation services, and six NGOs, including three Disabled People’s Organizations.

Participants were updated on the global situation of people with disabilities, the barriers they face in accessing services, and actions being taken to address these. They were also briefed on the outcomes of the UNGA High-Level Meeting on Disability and Development. Case studies were presented by a number of Member States and NGOs, highlighting existing efforts and challenges.

Following a presentation on the key features of the draft WHO action plan, participants discussed each component of the draft plan and provided detailed feedback and recommendations to the Secretariat in a series of targeted discussions. A report from the consultation is available here: