Disability and rehabilitation

Partners in the Eastern Mediterranean region meet to review status of disability efforts

09 May 2006 - From 2-4 May 2006, WHO hosted the Regional Intercountry Meeting for the Strengthening the Application of the UN Standard Rules in Cairo, Egypt. The purpose of the meeting was 1. to discuss the status of application of the four UN Standard Rules (Rule 2 on Medical Care, Rule 3 on Rehabilitation, Rule 4 on Support Services, and Rule 19 on Training of Personnel) and identify major constraints, 2. to recommend strategies for overcoming these constraints, and 3) to promote the sharing of experiences in countries across the region. Nine countries participated: Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Palestine, Qatar, Sudan and each included representatives from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Welfare and NGOs. The UN Special Rapporteur on Disability was also present. Each country reported on the status related to the above mentioned Standard Rules and identified the key challenges they are facing in applying them. The meeting was an excellent opportunity for key players from the disability and rehabilitation field from these countries to share experiences and seek solutions. WHO will continue its support to promote access to health care services to persons with disabilities in the region and to develop and strengthen rehabilitation services including support services and training of personnel.

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