Disability and rehabilitation

WHO hosts meeting on disability data and terminology

3 August 2006 - WHO held the Disability Data and Terminology meeting on 27th and 28th July 2006, at Headquarters in Geneva. This was an important step towards preparation of the World report on disability and rehabilitation as requested by the 58th World Health Assembly through resolution WHA58.23 on "Disability, including prevention, management and rehabilitation". The meeting sought to identify ways to enhance the quality of data and data collection methodology and to develop consensus around definitions of disability and rehabilitation to be used in the report. Participants included a wide range of stakeholders in the disability and rehabilitation field, many of whom will be actively involved in the development of the report. Awareness was raised about the need and benefit of having reliable data related to impairment, disability and rehabilitation. The participants identified gaps in existing data and made recommendations for disability and rehabilitation data that should be included in the World Report. An initial definition of rehabilitation was elaborated. It was decided that an E-discussion forum will be used to reach a consensus on the definitions of disability and rehabilitation for the World Report on Disability and Rehabilitation. The 1st Editorial Committee meeting will be convened this year.

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