In vitro diagnostics and laboratory technology


WHO HIV Test Kit Bulk Procurement Scheme Flyer

The document provides information on the bulk procurement scheme, including who is eligible to access the scheme and how to order. The flyer is available in English, Français, Espanol, Arabic and Russian.

Sources and prices of selected medicines and diagnostics for people living with HIV/AIDS 2005

The report of June 2005 includes updated prices of pharmaceutical products and diagnostic tests. Apart from anti-retroviral medicines, it includes medicines used to treat a range of opportunistic infections, for pain relief, for use in palliative care, for the treatment of HIV/AIDS-related cancers and for the management of drug dependence. It also provides information on a range of HIV/AIDS test kits for initial diagnosis of the infection, and ongoing monitoring of antiretroviral treatment and drug resistance.

The report has also a section on registration status of products included in the survey. In addition, a new section was inserted to provide information about registered products included in the survey per country. The eighth edition of an MSF document, "Untangling the web of price reductions: a pricing guide for the purchase of ARVs for developing countries" informs the reader about current discount prices offered by pharmaceutical companies.

Meeting on Procurement of Laboratory Items

This meeting report pertains to a meeting held 27-28 October 2008, jointly organised by the department of Essential Health Technologies (Diagnostics and Laboratory Technology team) and HIV (AIDS Medicines and Diagnostics Service team).

The procurement of laboratory items has long been identified as an important issue for which WHO guidance is much needed. The complexity of procurement is heightened by the great number of individual laboratory items and the lack of standardization of testing techniques within countries. This creates serious challenges to procurement agencies who are unfamiliar with laboratory commodities. The Consensus Meeting on Clinical Laboratory Testing Harmonization and Standardization, held in Maputo, 22-24 January 2008, has provided some information on this issue.

Furthermore, significant progress has been made by WHO in the area of laboratory items through the Prequalification of Diagnostics programme, and associated technical guidance which can be of great assistance for procurement agencies and other partners involved in strengthening laboratory services.