In vitro diagnostics and laboratory technology

Contributions to Millennium Development Goals

MDGs Requiring in vitro Diagnostic and Laboratory Support

  4. Reduce child mortality

  5. Improve maternal health

  6. Combate HIV/AIDs,     malaria and other diseases

Progress towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals to reduce morbidity and mortality related to HIV/AIDS, malaria and other major diseases has been slow, partly because of lack of access to quality medicines and health technologies, in particular diagnostics and laboratory services. Antiretroviral therapy, tuberculosis treatment and anti-malarial therapy are becoming increasingly available in many resource limited settings as a result of global efforts, however, the same attention has not been given to the provision of appropriate and affordable diagnostics.

The Millenium Development Goals simply cannot be reached unless the HIV status of more individuals in resource-limited settings can be diagnosed. Without diagnostic tools, safe and effective drug treatment, prevention of resistance to antiretroviral therapy, monitoring of resistance are not possible.

The Prequalification team - Diagnostics provides countries with the appropriate technical support, tools and guidance on the provision of diagnostics and laboratory services in ways which strengthen health systems consistent with the values of Primary Health Care.

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