Diagnostic imaging

Global collaboration

WHO has established good cooperation in the areas of medical imaging and devices with WHO Collaborating Centers, non governmental organizations (NGOs) in official relation with WHO, Global Steering Group for Education and Training in Diagnostic Imaging, regional WHO offices and different UN organizations.

WHO has established several collaborating centres with main aims to enable continuous medical education to upgrade existing health services in developing countries, to promote quality control and safe application of medical devices as well as to enhance cooperation among countries and regional PAHO/WHO offices in the area of education and dissemination of good practice. Specific terms of references are defined for each of the collaborating centers.

The aims of cooperation with NGOs in official relations with WHO are to advocate integrative global health policy, technical standards and consistency in health services coverage and delivery; to ensure work towards coordinated technical and resource inputs to countries; to mobilize specific constituencies to ensure global resources for health services delivery; to maintain and develop strategic relationships with technical and research partners; to foster relationship with activists and civil society groups.

Regional Offices

The WHO Medical Imaging unit works closely with Regional Offices to implement the ideas and endeavors towards universal coverage of safe, affordable and accessible medical imaging and devices and implementation of the Health Technologies resolution WHA60.29.

UN Organizations

Regional societies

Global Steering Group for Education and Training in Diagnostic Imaging

This Global Steering Group for Education and Training in Diagnostic Imaging was officially established after a WHO Meeting on Training and Education in Diagnostic Imaging held in Geneva, Switzerland, 31 May - 3 June 1999. The objective of the Steering Group is to coordinate various training activities organized by international and regional societies, and join forces in order to improve quality, quantity, and equity of diagnostic imaging services worldwide, especially in low-resource countries.


The WHO manual of diagnostic imaging

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