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The Global Policy Group (GPG), established by the current Director-General in 2008, is the highest level of internal governance and policy making within WHO, and its mandate is to ensure organizational cohesiveness and address issues of strategic priority for WHO. The Director-General convenes and chairs the Global Policy Group which meets 4 times a year and is composed of the 6 Regional Directors, the Director-General, and the Deputy Director-General.

The GPG strengthens Organization-wide coherence and improves focus on key strategic, programmatic, and managerial issues of relevance or risk to the Organization. The result is enhanced convergence of WHO’s activities across major offices towards delivery of common results, and harmonization and integration of senior-level decisions into relevant managerial and coordination structures.

The GPG also examines and steers the design and implementation of critical reforms, including aligning approaches across major offices to ensure achievement of WHO’s financing reforms, coordinated Organization-wide resource mobilization, and increased policy and technical support to countries.

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