Dengue control

Information resources

Some key references:

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WHO regional websites:

Several WHO regional offices have dedicated pages to dengue within their websites, or can be searched for information and data sheets on dengue in countries within the region.

Dengue in the news!

23 May 2016 | Geneva
Lunch Talk
Dengue: reframing the dialogue

07 March 2013 | Geneva
In the wake of WHO’s publication Global Strategy for dengue prevention and control, 2012–2020, experts recently met in Geneva to discuss its implementation.

09 November 2012 | Geneva
Just published: Handbook for clinical management of dengue

28 August 2012 | Geneva
Global Strategy for Dengue Prevention and Control: 2012−2020 | WHO report

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WHA Resolution

The WHA Resolution on "Dengue fever and dengue haemorrhagic fever prevention and control"