Emergencies preparedness, response

WHO experts consultation on Ebola Reston pathogenicity in humans

1 April 2009, Geneva Switzerland


The discovery of Reston ebolavirus in pigs in the Philippines in November 2008 and subsequent human infections, prompted WHO to organize an informal meeting of international experts to provide guidance to WHO in responding to specific questions related to the pathogenicity of Reston ebolavirus in humans.

A panel of 18 experts was convened by teleconference on 1 April 2009 bringing together expertise on Reston ebolavirus and emerging infectious diseases in the fields of virology, pathogenicity, immunology, epidemiology, laboratory techniques and ecology. The meeting focused on the pathogenicity of Reston ebolavirus in humans and addressed a specific set of questions.

The following report presents a summary of the discussion together with the experts' response to each of the specific questions.