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Avian influenza – situation in Indonesia – update 13

14 August 2007

The Ministry of Health of Indonesia has announced a new case of human infection of H5N1 avian influenza. A 29-year-old female from Bali Province developed symptoms on 3 August and was hospitalized on 7 August. She died on 12 August. Investigations into the source of her infection indicate exposure to sick and dead poultry.

The case's five-year-old daughter was sick with a respiratory illness in the days preceding the onset of illness in the confirmed case. The daughter's onset of symptoms was 26 July, she was hospitalized on 30 July but died without suspicion of avian influenza infection on 3 August in the district hospital. The child had contact with sick and dead poultry before becoming ill.

All of the household and healthcare worker contacts of the confirmed case have been traced. All remain healthy and will continue to be monitored for ten days after their last contact with the case.

Of the 103 cases confirmed to date in Indonesia, 82 have been fatal.