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Cholera in southern Sudan - update 2

22 March 2006

Between 28 January and 20 March 2006, a total of 8923 cases and 238 deaths (case fatality rate, 2.67%) of acute watery diarrhoea have been reported for the whole of southern Sudan. The two most affected areas, Juba and Yei, reported a cumulative number of 4543 cases and 88 deaths and 1807 cases and 54 deaths respectively.

The situation in Yei is stable and improving daily with the last reported case received on 20 March and only sporadic cases appearing in the town. The outbreak in Yei was declared officially over by the Under Secretary of Health of the Government of southern Sudan on 14 March.The situation in Juba is improving as the number of cases has consistently decreased over the past 3 weeks, although the full rainy season has not yet arrived.

However, a total of 2573 cases and 96 deaths (case fatality rate, 3.73%), with some cases laboratory confirmed for Vibrio cholerae Inaba, have been reported in the locations outside Yei and Juba. Monitoring of the outbreak is crucial.

Control measures including strengthening of the surveillance and reporting system, improving uniform case management and water chlorination are continuing.