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Cholera in southern Sudan - update

6 March 2006

Between 28 January and 3 March 2006, the Acute Watery Diarrhoea (AWD) Task Force in Juba led by the Federal Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health of the Government of Southern Sudan, in collaboration with WHO and other partners, reported a total number of 5 634 cases and 127 deaths (case fatality rate 2.25%) from acute watery diarrhoea. All reported cases are concentrated in Yei and Juba towns of southern Sudan. Vibrio cholerae Inaba has been laboratory confirmed in samples collected from both Yei and from Juba. Reports of acute watery diarrhoea have been received from areas surrounding Juba, and laboratory tests are continuing for all locations.

Control measures being implemented include strengthening the surveillance and reporting system, standardizing case management and promoting health education and hygiene, with the chlorination of public water supplies. For more details about these measures, please see the web site of the WHO Country Office in Sudan.