Global Alert and Response (GAR)

Yellow fever in Sudan

21 November 2005

The Federal Ministry of Health reported to WHO an outbreak of yellow fever in the South Kordofan State. As of 16 November 2005, 404 cases and 118 deaths were reported from different localities in South Kordofan State ( Abu Gebiha, Rashad, Dilling, Kadugli, Talodi). Of 38 blood samples sent to the reference laboratory, Naval Medical Research Unit, NAMRU 3 in Cairo, 13 were confirmed positive for yellow fever by PCR tests.

On 14 November 2005, the Federal Ministry of Health requested vaccines from the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) emergency vaccine stockpile. The request has been reviewed and accepted by the International Coordinating Group and 1.7 million doses of yellow fever vaccine will be arriving in Sudan next week.

WHO and UNICEF are supporting national authorities to ensure availability of vaccine and rapid implementation of the mass vaccination campaign to respond to the outbreak. Médecins sans Frontières have opened 2 treatment centres in Abu Gebiha and Kadugli.

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