Emergencies preparedness, response

Cholera in Senegal

2 November 2004

WHO has received reports from the Ministry of Health of a total number of 128 cases and 2 deaths (case fatality rate, 1.6%) from 5 October - 28 October 2004 in Dakar. Vibrio cholerae 01 EL Tor has been confirmed by the National Reference Laboratory, Senegal.

The number of cases has risen sharply since the beginning of the outbreak and on 22 October the Ministry of Health declared an epidemic of cholera.

A National Outbreak Management Committee has been established to monitor and carry out comprehensive control measures in response to the outbreak. Physicians and health workers in the affected districts of the city have been alerted and provided with technical guidance; health education materials on good hygiene have been distributed; social mobilization activities targeted particularly at children and women have been carried out; and unsanitary areas have been decontaminated.