Emergencies preparedness, response

Cholera in Chad

1 September 2004

A total of 2,046 cases and 98 deaths (case fatality rate, 4.8%) have been reported from 14 June to 22 August 2004 in Western Chad, some distance from the refugee camps in the east of the country. The outbreak started in Massaguet (Hadjar Lamine) North of N'Djaména; from there it spread to Lac and Kanem provinces as well as to the capital city N'Djaména. The previous week a total of 453 new cases occurred in N'Djaména.

No cases have been reported from the Eastern part of Chad where the refugees from Darfur are gathering, though they are seen to be at high risk. They have only limited access to water and proper sanitation is scarce, with the rainy season ongoing.

In N'Djaména, the city council together with the Ministry of Health and other partners are working to improve sanitation and access to safe water.