Global Alert and Response (GAR)

Cholera in Democratic Republic of the Congo

13 June 2003

Disease Outbreak Reported

As of 8 June, the Ministry of Health, Democratic Republic of the Congo has reported a total of 13 452 cases of cholera including 380 deaths (case fatality rate, 2.82%) in the country. The most affected provinces are Sud Kivu ( 1387 cases including 26 deaths, case fatality rate, 1.87%), Katanga (7557 cases with 221 deaths, case fatality rate, 2.92 %), ) and Kasai Oriental (3098 cases and 89 deaths, case fatality rate, 2.87%), with most of the cases occurring in the Tsilingue area. The epidemic seems to be spreading in Kasai Oriental as three new health areas were affected during the week of 1-8 June. There is also a high risk of spread to the neighbouring province, Kasai Occidental.

The Governor of Kasai Oriental province has organized a cholera task force meeting with partners including WHO to look at how to increase capacity in the cholera treatment centres and how to provide supplies for patients with severe dehydration.