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2002 - Dengue/dengue haemorrhagic fever in Brazil

08 May 2002

Disease Outbreak Reported

During the first quarter of this year, Brazil's national health authorities have reported 317 787 cases of dengue fever including 57 deaths, with Rio de Janeiro State being the most affected area with 41% of all cases registered. During January and February 2002, in comparison with January and February 2001, an increase in the number of cases has been observed in 14 of the 27 States and the number of cases was 886% greater in Rio de Janeiro State during this period in 2002.

As of 25 April 2002, 95 463 cases, including 571 dengue haemorrhagic fever (DHF) cases and 31 deaths, were reported within Rio de Janeiro Municipality alone. A dramatic decrease in disease activity was observed during the month of April in the Municipality, with cases occurring between 1 and 25 April representing 3% of cases reported since the beginning of the year.

This outbreak is associated with dengue serotype 3, which has only been recently introduced in the population and explains the increased number of DHF cases registered in 2002.