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2001 - Yellow fever in Côte dÎvoire - Update 2

12 September 2001

Disease Outbreak Reported

A WHO assessment team has been working with the Ministry of Health, UNICEF and other partners to implement measures to contain the urban outbreak of yellow fever in Abidjan. The Ministry of Health is currently carrying out vaccination campaigns using limited national stocks in the areas of Abidjan where cases have been identified. A mass campaign for the entire city of Abidjan is planned to begin on 17 September.  It is crucial that this vaccination campaign take place as soon as possible to raise the level of immunity in the city's population and so reduce the risk of spread of yellow fever.

WHO is strengthening an international team assisting the Ministry of Health in this urgent campaign.  WHO epidemiologists, specialists in vaccination campaigns and an entomologist will be working to ensure the efficacy of the campaign.  In addition, partners from the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network will be joining the team.   

WHO has launched an urgent appeal for US $ 2.9 million to cover the cost of this mass campaign.  To date, US$ 600,000 has been pledged by the French government, European Commission, WHO and UNICEF to cover the operational costs of the campaign as well as vector control activities.  Further funds will be required to purchase the vaccine from an international stockpile as soon as possible.

WHO advises travellers to Côte d'Ivoire to be aware of the risk of yellow fever and to ensure that they are vaccinated (this is a requirement of the International Health Regulations.   

Training of health workers for the targeted vaccination campaign in Kousmassi district, Abidjan
September, 2001