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2000 - Yellow fever in Liberia - Update

11 September 2000

Disease Outbreak Reported

As of 6 September, a total of 102 suspected cases of yellow fever were reported by the Ministry of Health, Liberia.  No confirmed cases had occurred outside Grand Cape Mount County, on the border with Sierra Leone (see previous report) nor  in other parts of the country, including Monrovia.

WHO provided 180 000 doses of yellow fever vaccine and autodestruct syringes to the Liberian Ministry of Health. On 5 September, WHO, working with NGOs in the area, began a campaign to vaccinate 150 000 people in the region at risk.  The plan was to have vaccinated 60 000 people by 10 September. WHO will provide additional doses of vaccine to conduct "catch up" campaigns for non-immune populations outside the affected area.