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2000 - Yellow fever in Brazil - Update

20 January 2000

Disease Outbreak Reported

Three confirmed cases of sylvatic transmission yellow fever have been recently reported in Brazil. Samples from suspect cases continue to be tested, but to date, no additional cases have been confirmed.

The following table summarizes the yellow fever reports from countries in South America for the entire year 1999 (as reported to WHO and published in the Weekly Epidemiological Record).

Country Cases Deaths Date of last case
Bolivia 68 33 June 1999
Brazil 70 25 December 1999
Colombia   2   2 February 1999
Ecuador   5   3 June 1999
Peru 55 32 October 1999
Venezuela   1   1 (in USA) October 1999

All these data are considered provisional until final figures are confirmed by the countries to the WHO Regional Office for the Americas/Pan American Health Organization (WHO/PAHO).