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The Yellow Fever Initiative: providing an opportunity of a lifetime

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An adequate global vaccine supply is critical for maintaining yellow fever control for the world’s most vulnerable populations. The yellow fever virus poses the greatest threat in 45 endemic countries, 32 in Africa and 13 in Central and South America, where altogether almost 900 million people are at risk.

A global stockpile of yellow fever vaccine is reserved for use in emergencies and replenished every year to ensure ability to rapidly respond to outbreaks. As outbreaks continue to occur, the world is faced with a limited availability of a life saving vaccine. Urban epidemics could overwhelm emergency response capacity and jeopardize global health security. Without funding for preventive campaigns, countries face the loss of life and social and economic disruption that outbreaks inevitably cause.

Routine childhood immunization and preventive mass vaccination campaigns protect populations at risk and lessen the need for emergency response. Vaccine supply for preventive vaccination is dependent on commitment to purchase. With upfront financial commitment, vaccine manufacturers can increase production to meet global demand.

Action is needed now to offer the opportunity of a lifetime to people at risk.

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